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Dual Surface Optical Flats

<ul> <li>λ/4, λ/10 and λ/20 Surface Flatness Options</li> <li>Certified with a Zygo Interferometer</li> <li>Each λ/20 Flat Includes a Certificate of Calibration</li> <li><a href="/optics/windows-diffusers/interferometry-windows/single-surface-optical-flats/1906">Single Surface Optical Flats</a> Also Available</li> </ul> <p>Our dual surface optical flats are precision ground and polished to the stated accuracies on both surfaces so that either face may be used for test applications. Both surfaces are tested and certified by our Zygo Interferometer. Each flat ships in a durable storage case for permanent protection. λ/20 flats also include a certificate of calibration.</p>