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  • Rotatable Wand Tip for Cleaning, Inspection, Painting Edges or Beveling Lenses
  • None Damaging, None Smudging Delrin™ Cups 2 to 70mm
  • Adjustable Vacuum Power

These unique Vacuum Lens-Handling Systems easily adapts to small thin wafers or heavy optics handling via the built in vacuum regulator and 1 to 70mm Delrin™ cups. Both the electric and pneumatic systems come with hand and foot switches, 10 feet coiled hose and offer optional 90° rotatable wand for hard to reach places. These robust but compact systems are maintenance free and made in the USA with only high quality materials. The Delrin™ cups are safe on coated optics and cleanable with alcohol or acetone. Large cup wand adapter, sold separately, is required for 70mm cup size.

6 714 руб.
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1 339 руб.
6 714 руб.