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Hydrophobic Windows

<ul> <li>Coated to Cause Liquid to Form Droplets on Surface</li> <li>Ideal for Harsh Environments</li> <li>AR Coated for Increased Performance</li> </ul> <p>TECHSPEC® Hydrophobic Windows are designed to resist liquid absorption or wetting in order to simplify handling and cleaning. These windows utilize hydrophobic surfaces to cause liquid to form droplets on contact rather than be absorbed or spread across the surface. TECHSPEC Hydrophobic Windows feature anti-reflection coatings to provide less than 0.4% reflection per surface from 425 – 675nm, in addition to contact angles of greater than 107°. To minimize performance loss, these windows are designed to maintain contact angles of greater than 100° even after moderate abrasion. TECHSPEC Hydrophobic Windows are ideal for use in harsh or humid environments.</p><p> </p>