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λ/4 N-BK7 Precision Windows

<ul> <li>λ/4 Surface Accuracy</li> <li>Broadband Anti-Reflection Coating Options Available</li> <li>Custom Coatings and Sizes Available for Volume OEM Quantities</li> <li>Also Available with <a href="/optics/windows-diffusers/laser-line-windows/quarter-wave-n-bk7-laser-line-windows/2915">Laser Line V-Coats</a></li> </ul> <p> TECHSPEC® λ/4 N-BK7 Precision Windows are ideally suited for industrial and low power laser applications. The high tolerance design yields minimal beam distortion and scatter. Broadband coating options extend the range of these precision windows through the visible and near-infrared spectra. </p>