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Fiber-Coupled Lasers

Fiber-Coupled Lasers are used in applications requiring additional positioning of the laser output. Fiber-Coupled Lasers are lasers with optical fiber connecting the laser head to the electronics. Fiber-Coupled Lasers are available as self contained laser systems or as modules for integration into new or existing setups. Fiber-Coupled Lasers are available for operation over a wide range of wavelengths from the near ultraviolet to the near infrared.

Edmund Optics offers a range of lasers including a variety of Fiber-Coupled Laser systems or Fiber-Coupled Laser modules. Systems are ideal for applications requiring a complete package containing all of the contents needed to operate or control the laser. Fiber-Coupled Laser systems are available with manual or software control. Modules are available for integration into user-developed or user-certified systems. Modules are available with FC connections for connecting to singlemode, multimode, or polarization maintaining fibers. Pigtailed fiber-coupled modules are also available with singlemode fiber of varying length.